18K Pinot Noir Rosé

18K Sensi Pinot Noir Rosé

Denomination. Pinot Noir Rosé Spumante Brut

Grapes. Pinot Nero 100%

Alcohol content. 11%

Production area. Gravelly and fertile alluvial land crossed by river Piave in the valleys of the high Treviso plain.

Soil composition. The soil in this area is alluvial and therefore gravelly and rich in silt and sand. It is very fertile and has a high quantity of carbonates and other micro-elements very useful for vines. Combined with the influence the river has on the micro-climate, all of these characteristics create the perfect conditions and habitat for vines.

Growing system. Sylvoz, Guyot

Harvest period. Pinot Nero is harvested at the end of August before grapes are fully ripe in order to maintain their aroma and freshness.

Vinification. Pinot Rosa sparkling brut is obtained from the vinification as rosé of Pinot Nero and successive sparkling process. Grapes are harvested a few days before they are fully ripe to achieve higher acidity and freshness levels. They are then treaded and left to rest for a few hours with the skins so the must can develop the right colour and aroma. After alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature, the base wine undergoes a second fermentation in autoclaves according to the charmat method.

Tasting notes. Pinot Rosé 18K, produced with Pinot Noir grapes, has a bright, deep and vibrant colour and a fine and persistent perlage. The aroma is fresh, pleasant and fragrant, enriched by pungent notes of white flowers and soft fruits like blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. The taste is delicate on the palate and has the perfect balance between fruity and acidic components.

Serving temperature. 8/10 °C

Recommended pairings. Ideal as a classy aperitif to celebrate the most important events. It pairs well with entrées, fish first courses as well as sea food, shellfish and fish in general.

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