18K Moscato Rosé

18K Sensi Moscato Rosé

Denomination. Moscato Rosé - Aromatic sparkling sweet wine

Grapes. 85%, other aromatic grapes with red berries 15%

Alcohol content. 6,5%

Production area. North-Western Italy

Soil composition. Chalky and clayey.

Growing system. Guyot

Harvest period. Second half of September usually.

Winemaking and aging. Soft pressing of the grapes and subsequent and immediate cooling of the must. Addition of sugar syrup and fermentation in an autoclave at low temperature until an overpressure of 5.5 bar and 6,5% vol of alcohol effective. Stop the fermentation by chilling and subsequent filtration. Duration of the process of sparkling is 5 weeks.

Organoleptic characteristics. Moscato Rosé 18K has a brighty pink colour with purple shades. Its surf is abundant and persistent with a fine and constant perlage.

It’s fruity and fresh to the nose. Its aromatic quality elegantly blends with hints of raspberry, cherry and red berries. It has an intense and fragrant taste with alcohol, sweetness and acidity in perfect balance. Its aftertaste recalls the aroma of the original grapes combined with notes of raspberry and black cherry.

Tasting temperature. 6/8 °C

Recommended pairings. Excellent dessert wine, accompanying fruit salads, cakes, pies and pastries filled. Convivial wine for any occasion at any time of day.

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